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ReelBait announces new sections to their website. "We feel this is a great starting point to bring forward some existing items we make and also to introduce you to some other items we have found in our outdoor pursuits. We hope you enjoy these new sections as well." - Al Patterson

A Big Shout out & Welcome to our newest
Pro Staffer "Big" Jim McLaughlin Page
Press Release for Jim McLaughlin

ReelBait is pleased to announce that
Our New Prototype Lure has been included in OUTDOOR CANADA's
best NEW PRODUCTS...see below
Prototype Series Lure

#1 BEST WALLEYE LURE PROTOTYPE» write up by Outdoor Canada Magazine Over the last year or so, professional walleye anglers across North America have been relying on heavy lead spoons to win tournaments. One of the most popular has been ReelBait’s Fergie Special. With its unique metal, bead and brass noisemaker, it’s been a real winner. Building on that success, ReelBait has just launched the Prototype series, modelled after the original Fergie but with high-resolution, digital images of real fish embedded into the spoons. There are 10 different patterns in - ½ - ¾ -, one - and 1½ - ounce sizes.

Thank You Outdoor Canada!

The NEW.... Outdoors Products Section Most of us involved in the Outdoor Industry are active in more than just one pursuit and we at ReelBait are no exception! The introduction of products in this section is a direct result of our outside involvement in the shooting and archery sports. As avid hunters and archers we look forward to bringing products forward that will enhance your outdoor pursuits as well. Many times we have come across some great products and ideas yet did not have a place for them in our previous line up of products and Now we do!

Also New.... Links Section These are not just reciprocal links nor are they paid advertisements, this is a section where we have first hand knowledge of their operation and can vouch for their character. Customers have in the past and in the future can feel free to contact us about any of the links listed in this section.

Jason Mattity Cover of Outdoor Canada
With ReelBait Lure...As always, Jeff and Jason Matity continue to make ReelBait Proud.